In this short article we are going to find out what is the method Zeovit , what it implies and principles on which it is based. To understand all of this you have to know the basic principles of aquarium marine reef. Every reefer heard of this method, often surrounded by an impenetrable aura of mystery and reserved only to the most experienced and skilled masters of aquariums. Most of the people know roughly what it is but ignorance and misinformation still reign supreme, you can see it reading all the messages on the forums where everybody asks for advice, dosages and remedies.

Zeovit inventor is Thomas Pohl, a pioneer in this hobby who has developed over the years a system o get the best possible result with hard corals. The result is a protocol consisting of dozens of products to facilitate the aquarist in the daily management but which are often a source of real disasters. Within the limits of my abilility, in this articole and thos that follow, I will try to explain the method and how to use it well. I will also try to argue each concept to dispel any doubt. First term you have to know is “bacterial reproduction”. The picture that comes to mind is the one of a bacterium that splits so that two are born. Bacteria reproduction takes place in every aquarium, managed by any method, and it consists in the use of the bacteria to metabolize (not remove) the unwanted substances present in the water. What changes in the ZEOvit methos is the increased speed with which this process occurs and the greater efficiency that characterizes it, all thanks to specific products and technical measures, aimed at facilitating the growth and health of the bacteria, so that they can perform their role of bio-converters.


Method can be divided in two large strands and so also the products, in the first place we find a series of  products aimed at improving the chemical characteristics of the water through the reduction of the pollutants. In the second category we count instead supplements / foods intended to provide all the necessary elements for corals proliferation. In a third separate category we could include a further product that has no place in the other: the zeospur, product to be used in very rare cases and with the utmost caution, and that is unfortunately frequently used in an arbitrary and excessive ways causing enormous damage to the corals.

The products for the reduction of pollutants are the following:

  • Zeovit: zeolite
  • ZEObak: solution of bacteria
  • ZEOfood: adjuvant biological bacteria
  • ZEOstart: carbon source for bacteria
  • Aktivkohle: activated carbon

Supplement are as follows:

  • K -balance : potassium supplement
  • B -balance : supplement boron
  • Eisen : iron supplement
  • Kaliumjodid – fluor – brom : supplement of iodine , boron , fluoride , potassium highly concentrated
  • Complex Strontium : Strontium supplement
  • Xtra / Xtra special: color enhancer
  • Amino acid coral / fish : amino acid supplement for corals / fish
  • Coral Snow : transport liquid
  • Coral Vitalizer : food + liquid suspension
  • power : food for filter feeders ( clams )
  • Coral Booster : multintegratore to stimulate growth
  • Flat worms stop : increases the production of mucus to improve resistance to turbellarie
  • komplex : iodine supplement



There are also products to be used standalone, that’s not associated with the method and dedicated to tanks with traditional management and other products aimed at the resolution of common problems such as cyanobacteria. For each of the products listed above will be published a short article that illustrates the characteristics, timing and methods of dosage and possible recommendations on use.

Now that we have completed this overvie let’s understand how the method works. The basic assumption, as we said, is based on hte conversion of pollutants in the shortest possible time, in order to ensure the corals water free from nitrates, phosphates, etc.

Low concentration of polluted reduces the number of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue and thus makes it possible to see the real color of corals. When we managed to get in the tanj this result we will be halfway there. In fact once the corals will be clear (not bleached) and with a decent color we can begin to focus our efforts to further enhance the colors serving us supplement prepared from KZ.

As you can see from this brief presentation, the ZEOvit method in theory is not complex, but unfortunately many reefers find it diffuclt, un my opinion due primarily to the fact that you do not know ingredients in various products, this is a choice of the manufacturer that can be shared or not. However it is given a fairly comprehensive guide on the use of products and this is a first aid. Second it is crucial to understand that, contrary to what it may seem, is an extremely flexible method.

I have often heard complaints about the excessive number of products on the part of people who mistakenly think it is imperative to use them all, under penalty of non staining coral. Personally, when I was just starting out with methods to bacterial reproduction, I used for about 6 months, the protocol limiting myself to only 5 basic products and got easily the same results that I obtained with the previous management Berlin with great effort, controlling sparingly food and limiting fish a few specimens.

Until now we have discussed the ” theory “, in later articles we will see in detail how to apply the method in practice and how to use the products.