Well, did you buy all the pieces? no? then reread the first part. Did you put it all together? no? then follow the second part.
If, on the other hand, you have arrived up here it means that you are really determined to finish the job and you just have to load the software on your device.

You know, the most complex part of an Arduino project is to write the code to make the pieces you have mounted work. But luckily I thought of that. To simplify life even more, I made the firmware to be loaded directly on the Nodemcu directly available to be able to communicate directly with the site and use the dosometric pumps WITHOUT ANY PROGRAMMING COMPETENCE.
You won’t even need to change a line of code to make everything work. All you have to do is load the firmware with 4 simple steps on the device, register on the site, connect the dosometrics to your WIFI, and voila, you’re done.

Let’s see how:
First, get all the necessary software. You must download the firmware from this same site: firmware.bin
Then we download the drivers (which are not always to be installed) of the nodemcu: drivers
Finally we download the flasher compatible with your system: flasher.

Connect the nodemcu to the computer with a microusb cable (the same for 90% of mobile phones).
After a few seconds the computer should recognize our nodemcu and add it to the devices. To check that this has happened, click with the right mouse button in the lower left corner (on the start button) and go to device management.
You should find a new device under Ports (COM and LPT) whose name ends with COMX where X is a number (eg: COM3 COM12 etc). Mark this number, you will need it later.
If you do not recognize the device, we need to download and install the drivers that you can find at this address: drivers

Once the Nodemcu is correctly recognized we just have to open the Flasher and set it as in this image:

That is, in the first field select the serial port related to your Nodemcu, the one we marked before.
In the “nodemcu firmware” field click on browse and go to select the firmware.bin you downloaded from here.
Check that Baud Rate is 115200, Flash mode is set to Dual and click Flash NodeMCU.
After a few seconds the game is done. Disconnect the dosometer and set it aside for a second.

It is now necessary to register to the site that we will use as an interface:

Connect to http://iot.joy-reef.com and register with your personal data.
I recommend you write down the username and password you set during registration

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration.

Now turn on the dosing pump:
Looking in wifi on your computer or mobile phone you should find a wifi named Joyreef.
Connect to this wifi, and this page should open directly:

If it does not open, while you are connected to the Joyreef wifi, go to any browser and type in the address

Click on Wifi Setup and you will be here:

Fill in the details as shown in the image. User and pass are the same ones you used to register on the site.

At this point, apply, wait for confirmation and switch your dosometric pump off and on again.
I remind you that to be operational the pumps always take about 1 minute after power up.

Connect to the site, click on the top right of your name, and click on test connection.
Click on test and check the answer. If the answer is ok, you are done. All you have to do is use the dosometric system.