Dosing: 1 drop/100 liter/twice a week

Storage: fridge for a maximum of 3 months from opening

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Zeobak is a concentrated solution of live bacteria obtained from various and highly purified strains, it ensures the presence of a varied and healty bacterial population in our tanks and help to mantain low concentrations of waste compounds from fish and coral metabolism.

Zeobak contains live bacteria, kept in stasis thanks to low temperature, this is the reason for what we have to refrigerate it. Usually reef bacteria supplements contain only spores that need a period of time for developing to live and operative bacteria and meanwhile they are removed by the skimmer. It’s easy to understand that the presence of live bacteria makes zeobak the best choice not only for zeovit tanks but also for a berlin method based reef tank.

Zeobak should be dosed twice a week in order to renew bacterial colonies and avoid the predominance of a strain over the others. For best result Zeobak shoud be dosed together with zeofood (at the same dose), in this way we maximize the settlement of new bacteria, providing them all the nutrients they need.

Zeobak is also useful in case of biolgical imbalance, souch as cyanobacteria. In these conditions we use Zeobak alone or in association with anti-cyano products, the daily dose can be increased to 2-3 drops/100 liters, in order to create a strong competition between bacteria and cyanobacteria.